My erotic dreams and orgasms: There is something that all people have in common and that is that we dream while we sleep, even if we do not remember it. Having erotic dreams is perfectly natural since sexuality is part of our lives … even if we have never had an orgasm or sexual intercourse.

One thing I learned in my therapy sessions is that – even if we don’t remember it – dreaming is inevitable, whatever the content of our dreams. On the other hand, it is logical that sexuality appears in some of those dreams since it is part of our lives and that is where erotic dreams manifest. This is normal and healthy, even if we have never had sex with another person or – as I was – never had an orgasm.

My erotic dreams and orgasms – Facts

In fact, I was experiencing these kinds of dreams long before I reached my first orgasms. Sometimes they were accompanied by excitement and when I woke up my vagina felt warm and lubricated, although I was not sure what to do with that. The sexologist explained to me that all this confirmed that arousal and orgasms do not depend exclusively on physical stimulation. In reality, the most powerful sexual organ we have is our brain and not our genitals.

Dreams are not governed by the rules of reality and my pre-orgasm wet dreams were no exception. Some were really strange, nonsensical, even ugly. In others much more pleasant I was about to have some kind of encounter with someone, but my unconscious frustrated them. Something was happening that interfered with my plans or the dream directly changed to something else before it could climax.

I think all this had to do with my insecurities, the great taboo that I grew up with that sex was only reserved for marriage and that everything else was sinful.

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My erotic dreams and orgasms

I remember some of my hot dreams very vividly because of the impression they made on me. One of the best I had as a teenager. I was still in high school and a virgin. I had zero experience.

At that time I was going to a school run by nuns and there was a boy in my class that I really liked. The school had a back garden with many plants that only elementary school children used to play. In my dream, I was with this boy there. Everything felt very intimate and secret, because we were kissing in a place where we should not be. The place didn’t look exactly like the real thing, but somehow I was sure we were there.

I was wearing my uniform: a short blue skirt with boards and a white sweater. In real life I always wore a minishort under my skirt in case the wind picked it up, but in my dream I only had on a white thong.

The boy did not stop caressing me while the kisses were intensifying. I was experiencing a mixture of sensations. On one hand, I was ashamed and afraid of being discovered. I would then try to hug him as hard as I could to prevent his arms from touching my intimate areas. But on the other hand, I was beginning to feel a divine warmth that gushed out from within me. I felt my pussy begin to heat up and I wanted to stick to his body to feel it.

Taking action

At some point in the dream, he began to lift my skirt and touch my ass. I felt his hands squeezing my buttocks, caressing them, exploring them… and soon he used them to draw my pelvis towards his. I was delighted to give up and I could feel that he had an erection through my panties and pants. He supported me and I stuck to his body like a magnet. We immediately started rubbing; I didn’t want us to be apart anymore.

Suddenly I was in pussy and tits, and practically felt that they were burning. My white thong, my sweater and my bra had disappeared; I only had the skirt on. The boy I was rubbing with was with is dick out and with a T-shirt. I was on fire, I wanted him to take me and fuck me wildly right there, before someone discovered us. My breathing was getting deeper and deeper and I wanted to hide my moans, but couldn’t.

Waking Up

Today I know how it feels when I’m on the verge of an orgasm, but at the time I didn’t know it. It was the middle of the morning, everything was dark and my little sister slept in the next bed in the same room. I remembered moaning loudly in the dream and was ashamed that my sister could have heard something.

Confused and embarrassed, but also excited. I realized that my right hand was resting on my pussy. I decided to put it inside my thong and noticed that my lips were lubricated and hot. Touching them felt good, but everything stayed there, I did not know what to do or felt too much guilt for doing something forbidden. I stayed like this in the middle of the night, my hand tucked into the thong under the sheets, wanting to go back to sleep soon. In one of those, i would dream again …

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