Bio my story with sex: I am an ordinary girl, I could be your next door neighbor, but I have a confession to make:

My first orgasm was at 25 and, during the previous years, I systematically faked pleasure every time I had sex.

My story with sex: My first time was at 17, I was very curious like any teenager, but also guilt and fear. Fortunately, there was no trauma or abuse here. My difficulty had to do exclusively with the education I received, the model of what a good girl had to be: good girls don’t go around experimenting, they don’t fuck before they get married. I did it and I felt I felt terribly guilty. It may seem like a thing of the last century, but there are still families where sex is taboo and that was my case.

Of course, I was very ashamed not to have orgasms and I hid it, I did not talk about it with anyone. At first, I blamed my inexperience and that of my partner, I thought that as we had more practice, the orgasm was going to come on its own, but it did not happen.

Afterwards, I thought that when I could become independent and make my life without being accountable to anyone, I would be able to truly feel free and experience pleasure, but it didn’t happen either.

Finally, I decided to start therapy with a sexologist and talk frankly about all that pressure and expectations, and the orgasm came to an end.

In this blog, I want to share my story of self-knowledge and sexual experimentation to help other people who are going through the same difficulties that I had and also as part of my change of attitude. I don’t want to hide my wishes anymore. Sex is good, sex is healthy, and most important of all, it is never too late to learn to experience pleasure.

I invite you to know all my stories

Bio my story with sex

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